British Bulldog Spirit

I was originally planning to post something different, but following the events in Westminster yesterday, it doesn’t seem right to speak about something so trivial when real life is happening for so many people right now.

Firstly, I would like to offer my thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences to the victims of yesterday’s terrorist attack and their families. I would also like to pay tribute to PC Keith Palmer who sadly lost his life in the line of duty, running into danger to keep other safe. The word ‘hero’ is used all too commonly in modern society, however, there could be no more fitting tribute to PC Palmer who is undeniably a true hero.

This brings me nicely on to my second point. I would like to thank our Emergency Services for their rapid response and tireless work yesterday. It is sometimes easy to overlook the fact that our Police Service, Ambulance Service and Fire Service work everyday to keep us all safe. You regularly hear stories of them suffering horrific assaults and vitriolic abuse in the line of their work. These individuals put their lives on the line everyday and they save lives everyday. It should not take events like those yesterday to drive home what an amazing job our Emergency Services do. This really isn’t said enough and it doesn’t even come close to being enough, but I want you any of Emergency Service staff reading this to know you are truly appreciated. Thank you for everything you do.

There are of course, many others who deserve credit for their actions yesterday. For example, I am aware that there were doctors and nurses on the scene providing treatment before the emergency services arrived. I have also heard that black cab drivers were taking people away from Westminster for no charge and I understand that the London  Underground was back up and running in around 4 hours. Again, I would reiterate, that whether it is said or not, people truly appreciate your actions. I would again, thank you for your actions.

Watching the events unfold, it struck me how many images displayed in the media showed people who were going about their everyday business, stop to help strangers in need. In a country which has been divided for months, it was refreshing to see people come together in the face of adversity. In the aftermath, people didn’t care about anything except the well-being of others. People wouldn’t be intimidated, they wouldn’t show panic or fear. Truly refreshing, truly inspiring. Watching people come together, showing the British bulldog spirit. Contrary to what some may say, for me THAT is what makes Britain great. It makes me proud to be British and gives me hope that come what may, we will overcome any and all future challenges.

I don’t want to take the shine or the attention away from all of the incredible people yesterday. However, it would be wrong of me not to mention this. There were certain news sources yesterday who published images of the injured. These images were shared on social media and were used on front pages. I refuse to name the sources, as I despise the idea of anyone profiteering of a tragedy such as this, but a quick search will reveal everything. I am also aware of certain people (again, I refuse to name them and give publicity) trying to use this incident to forward a political agenda going as far as to use images out of context and fake their own images. These news sources and individuals are a disgrace and need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

But enough of these so-called “journalists” and back to what really matters.

I would hope that moving forward, Britain will continue to be as united as it is right now. We cannot show anger, intolerance or hatred. That is exactly what the attackers want, and if we grant them this we have given them an easy victory.

Our hope is stronger than our fear, all we have to do is stand together. United as one.


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